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These dos and don’ts for summerhouses work like crazy!

With the onset of summer, there comes a growing need for a place where you can sit back and relax.  Summerhouses can truly be a value addition to your existing property or maybe in a new location where you would want to hangout. A small, cosy living space in the garden or a location of choice can truly be therapeutic.

A great summerhouse comes with 44mm or thicker walls along with double glazing windows. The ridge height remains at the discretion of owner and it can be anything up to 2.5 meters. No matter if you want to work in silence or have a great time in the place with friends or loved ones, here are some of the dos and don’ts that shall help achieve perfection.

  • Having a sweet spot for your summerhouse in your garden includes having electricity which easily runs from your house to the summerhouse, having a good internet connection and a great view also. If you are buying land for a summerhouse, then make sure it has a good view or is nearby any riverbank or anywhere which is very picturesque.
  • Use light colours at the exteriors to add an airy feel to the summerhouse. On the other hand, you can use the same colours of the main building in order to showcase it as a part of the property.
  • Do not have concrete flooring. Wooden flooring is comfortable and helps to deal with the moisture unlike concrete.
  • Do not always choose the cheapest option. Yes, it can be tempting, but understand that the manufacturer will use low quality materials and therefore your summerhouse shall soon be at the mercy of rot, insects, dampness and much more issues.

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