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Essential tips for summerhouse roof construction

As the season comes forward, it is essential that you start planning for your summerhouse. Summerhouse is basically located a bit away from the home and they are small and compact in their size. The roofs of such summerhouses are to be made with utmost care as it plays a vital role in adding comfort to the ones who are inside the house. Some of the essential tips for the construction of the roof are mentioned below-


As the name suggests, a summerhouse is used in summer and it is essential that proper insulation measures are taken into consideration. The roof should be able to reflect heat away from the structure of the summerhouse. You are advised to use white or metallic roof tiles instead of black so as to make sure that the heat is driven away and not absorbed.


It is essential that you take care of the sheds as the weather will accompany storm and if any damage is incurred you should detect it instantly and repair it so that water doesn’t seep into the structure and cause further damage.

Roof planting

You can consider plantation roofs for the summerhouse. These are eco friendly in nature and add a green touch to the entire set up.

For such ideas to be implemented it is essential that you have an idea of the drainage system and also a proper choice of the soil that can be used for plantation roofs. Hull sheds fencing and decking is the one stop solution if you are looking for roofing contractor. We are specialised in the area of expertise and have a long list of satisfied clients who considered our services. Get in touch with us right now for excellent services!