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Various types of fencing – Give your garden an astonishing look

Privacy is one of the foremost things that one looks for while buying a property. Whether you are enjoying the sun in your garden, or sipping on your favourite tea with your partner, it is always great to know that you are not being watched. Fencing around your property helps you maintain the privacy. You are not far from the truth when you say that fencing adds aesthetic value to your house, although security is quite often the by product. There are several types of fences available, varying in style, shape, patterns, size, and colours.

Here are some ideas for personalizing your fence:

Basic privacy fence

A standard cedar privacy fence typically measures six feet in height and features tightly-fitted boards. The top is usually flat for a smooth, even appearance. One way to add interest to a basic privacy fence is to use dog-eared boards instead, resulting in a dynamic pattern along the top. You can also experiment with different board widths or alternating board heights.

Picture frame fence

The picture frame fence is a more decorative variation of privacy fencing. Its name comes from the vertical posts and horizontal rails that frame the sections of fencing. The framing adds both charm and opportunities for customization. You can select the board height, the number of boards each frame will contain and whether or not the frame and boards will match. You can also embellish a picture frame fence with additional wood trim.

Lattice top fence

The lattice top fence is a typical variation on privacy fencing, with a section of decorative lattice along the top. Creative homeowners can take this concept a step further by adding lattice sections into the body of the fence to create an interesting, semi-privacy effect. You can use a narrow section of lattice as the frame, or alternate lattice sections with solid boards.

Good neighbour fence

A Good Neighbour fence is yet another option at hand. Instead of featuring boards affixed to one side of the supporting rails, a good neighbour fence has boards attached alternately to each side of the rails. You can customize this style by narrowing or widening the gaps between boards.

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